Carpentry Hourly Hire Rates

Tradesman $60.20 per hour*
Apprentice $50.00 per hour*

For larger jobs we will give a free quote

All carpenters have all of their own tools and are fully insured.
All employees have current white cards
(Minimum charge 3 hours)


5 tonne excavator rubber tracked $99.00 per hour*
6.0 tonne steel tracked excavator $99.00 per hour*
Rock breaker (any machine) $132.00 per hour*
Auger 300, 400 and 600mm $121.00 per hour*
8 metre tipper $88.00 per hour*
6.5 metre tipper $71.50 per hour*
5 metre tipper $71.50 per hour*
Bob cat $66.00 per hour*
Travel to job within a 30k radius (from Brighton) $90.20 each*
ip fees, Quarry products and materials are charged at my cost +15%*

(Minimum charge 3 hours)

*All rates include GST